Great book!

It is always good to see children books from different perspectives .This touched home with me when reading David's feeling of bringing an ethnic food and his school mates made fun of him. The talk with David with his parents and the solution was beautiful. "Be brave enough to be yourself" Words everyone should live by.

Courtney M.

Love it!

I loved how it demonstrates that kids (and adults sometimes) make fun of what is foreign to them and that in engaging others and sharing new experiences, something “different” or “ foreign” can quickly become a new favorite thing; something that brings us together. 

Jessica O.

Excellent and educational!

I absolutely love this book! The author does an excellent job addressing subjects, differences and peer pressure, that children deal with every day! I highly recommend it to everyone!

Duncan's Mom

Much needed book!

This book couldn't have came at a better time. The perfect story to help your children understand that it's okay to be different and it's okay to be yourself. This story has everything from examples of confidence, to embarrassment and social anxiety, and circles all the way back to courage, empathy and forgiveness. Beautiful illustration and powerful message that any child would benefit from hearing at any age. Great work on this!!


A touching story about an act of kindness

I like this story because it shows how a generous deed can replace misunderstanding with appreciation and help overcome the fear of rejection. It is a great read for all audiences, particularly for families with small, school-age children. I gave it five stars because it is personal and tells a complete story within a few beautifully illustrated pages.

Bill Graham