Santa is going to read Danny's Christmas List!

If you know me, then you know that I love all things Christmas! I love Christmas markets, Christmas lights, real Christmas trees (even though we have a fake one... that's a story for another time!), Christmas movies, Christmas stories, and more. Christmas is synonymous for me with togetherness, family, love, and Jesus (although that's also a story for another time.) 

I published Danny's Christmas List in October 2020 because I wanted to write books dedicated to both of my sons and also because representation is important to us. I have personally experienced the negative impact of a lack of representation in my early years and also the positive impact of representation in my latter years. It has been important to me since becoming a mother, that my boys see themselves reflected in everyday society. When I was about six years old, my mom and I were in the mall around Halloween time. A White woman asked me if I was going to be a princess for Christmas. Because this was in the 1980s and Black representation was significantly lacking in American pop culture, I hadn't seen any Black princesses. So, I told her as a matter of fact, that I couldn't be a princess because I was Black. My mom was heartbroken and made significant steps from that point forward to ensure I was surrounded by black culture and developed a love and appreciation for our culture. 

In my own motherhood, I've been working to ensure that my boys never feel like they can't be or do something because of their blackness. So things as simple or maybe even as silly as Santa Claus and being able to participate and build traditions is something that I wanted to enable. 

In November 2020, I partnered with Find Black Santa and Black Santa Houston to do a live reading of "Danny's Christmas List" and this year I'm back at it! I have partnered with Santas Just Like Me to host Storytime with Santa where Santa will read Danny's Christmas List and participate in a question and answer session on Friday, November 26, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. I am incredibly excited to extend our reach and bring our Santa into homes all around the nation. Tickets are available for just $5 through Eventbrite. Each ticket will be entered to win a FREE virtual session with Santas Just Like Me. I hope you can join us. 

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