Unblock Your Mind: Self-Confidence Meditation and Affirmation Coloring Book

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The Unblock Your Mind: Self-Confidence meditation and affirmation coloring book contains 75 coloring pages that lead you on a meditative journey to realizing self-confidence and self-love in your life. Combining the meditative effects of coloring, visualization, and repeating affirmations quiets your mind so you can draw out and act on the infinite wisdom for self-confidence and self-love that is already inside you. It's time to get your mind right and shine!

What's inside

  • 75 original coloring pages - 15 images of beautiful African/Black women and 60 affirmation phrases
  • Single-sided pages - each coloring page is on its own sheet
  • Mandalas - coloring mandalas has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, while exercising the brain
  • Affirmations - reciting affirmations can help you overcome negative thinking and self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Relaxation - coloring is a great way for you to usher your mind into a relaxed state
  • Page size - 8.5" x 11"
  • Cover - glossy, soft cover
  • Page color - white