Book Bundle: David's Dinner Party and Danny's Christmas List

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If you're looking for a great gift for your young readers, get both David's Dinner Party and Danny's Christmas List! These books are sure to get your readers talking about the words on the pages and the beautifully detailed illustrations.

Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book Teaches Children To Love Themselves and Share Their Culture With Others

At lunch, David opens his rice. Before he takes a bite, he realizes he’s being stared at. David fights back tears. Suddenly, he is no longer hungry.

When David’s excitement about his first day of school turns into embarrassment because he’s teased about the food he brings, he must figure out what to do. He can decide to stay quiet, hide his true self and conform to his environment or he can be proud of who he is, while inviting others to experience a part of his world. Join David and his family as they help him overcome this new challenge of self-love and embracing diversity.

Fun and Heartwarming Holiday Tale Ushers in the Christmas Spirit 

When Danny and his family visit a local Christmas market, he finds himself in a chance encounter with Santa. With his list in hand and Santa all alone, Danny sees a chance he must take. Can you guess what Danny asks? Join Danny and Santa in this heartwarming tale that is sure to be a Christmas classic!

(Releasing and shipping in November 2020.)