Unblock Your Mind: Wealth and Success Meditation and Affirmation Coloring Pages

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The Unblock Your Mind: Wealth and Success meditation and affirmation coloring book leads you on a 21-day meditative journey to bringing wealth and success in your life. Combining the meditative effects of coloring, visualization, and repeating affirmations quiets your mind so you can draw out and act on the infinite wisdom for wealth and success that is already inside you.

How to use the pages
Set aside a specific amount of time to meditate by coloring you page. The amount of time you dedicate to meditation is less important than being consistent. If all you have is five minutes a day, use the following steps during those five minutes.

Use this guidance for the next 21 days and be sure to record your experiences.

Be still
When you limit your bodily movement, your mind has time to focus.
  • Sit down
  • Get comfortable
  • Relax your body
Be quiet
Turn down the noise.
  • Turn off the tv.
  • Put your phone on silent.
  • Try nature sounds or meditation music.
Choose one word or affirmation statement from the book. Let that be the only thing you think about while you meditate.

Visualize what you want to see in your life as it relates to your focus word or affirmation statement. Be as vivid as possible.